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Satoshi Pacioli up 200% in 2024!!!

We are approaching the 2 year mark since Satoshi Pacioli was founded.  Over that time, we have had the pleasure to service many bitcoin businesses and individual bitcoiners.  Today we are excited to announce two new members of the team! 

Seth Baylis is a CPA based out of Nashville, TN and will be working out of Bitcoin Park.  Seth has several years of tax experience and will be leading the effort to ramp up the number of individual bitcoiners we can support this year.

Joey Marti is an experienced bookkeeper based out of Denver, CO and an active member of the Denver bitcoin community.  He is also a member of the Chief Lightning Officers group which works to promote merchant adoption of bitcoin and lightning.  Joey’s bookkeeping experience will be immediately valuable to our clients and his knowledge and understanding of the various tools and resources available will help us orange pill many bitcoin curious merchants.

We are confident that Joey and Seth will continue to advance our mission of providing the highest quality accounting services to bitcoiners and allow us to better support our current client base and continue to onboard new users as we continue on the path to hyperbitcoinization. 

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